6" Probe Thermometer Weldless

6" Probe Thermometer Weldless

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Weldless 6" Probe Thermometer

The Fermentap Weldless Thermometer has a 6 inch probe, making it ideal for use in your mash tun. The 6 inch stem is positioned more towards the middle of the mash, giving the thermometer probe more area to read the temperatures from.

These are to be installed in a kettle or keg only. Not intended for use with coolers.

Since the Fermentap Thermometers are high quality, bi-metal thermometers that are made in the USA by Tel-Tru, you can be sure that you will get a faster response to temperature changes and more accurate readings than other bi-metal thermometers - all without having to tap the face of the thermometer. All metal parts are 100% stainless steel, and the gasket is a high-temp, food-grade material. Requires a 7/8" drill bit to install.


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