Basic Plus Beer Making Equipment Kit

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The Basic Plus Kit from Old West comes with everything you need to begin brewing extract beer, except the bottles and brewpot.  The primary fermenter is a roomy 6.5 gallon food-grade plastic bucket with no syphon spigot, and the glass secondary fermenter will allow you to age and clear your beer for superior results. An how to text is also included that you will use for years. 

  • 6.5 Gal Food Grade Fermentation Bucket & Lid
  • 5 Gal Glass Secondary Fermenter (Carboy)
  • #6.5 Rubber Stopper
  • 3 Pc. Airlock
  • Hydrometer
  • No-Syphon Spigot
  • B-Brite Sanitizer
  • Bottle Cleaning Brush
  • Book, The True Brew Handbook
  • Syphon and bottling equipment includes racking tube, 4' of siphon tubing
  • Spring loaded bottle filler for a simple and neat bottling session
  • Twin Lever Capper
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