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Our Old West Beer Recipe Kits contain everything needed to brew five gallons nearly any style. We have selected the finest ingredients and packaged them with complete easy to understand instructions. Kits include: specialty grains and steeping bag (if required), liquid and/or dry malt extract, hops, dry yeast, bottle caps, bottling sugars, and any additional ingredients required for that recipe and an instruction sheet.

While our kits will make great beer as is, a large portion of any beer's flavor profile comes from a style-specific yeast strain. You can improve the flavor of you beer by using a liquid yeast rather than the supplied dry yeast. Each recipe kit below lists a liquid yeast suggestion that is complimentary to the style. If you choose to use the liquid, do not use the dry yeast pack that comes with the kit.  Simply save the dry yeast for another recipe, or as a "emergency" backup for batches that do not start or do not carbonate, or simply discard it.