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Old West is pleased to offer a complete line of cheesemaking equipment and supplies from Mad Millie™. Mad Millie products provide you with the equipment, style kits and extras to create a wide variety of tasty, nutritious cheeses from your kitchen. Making cheese is easy and fun! Many fresh cheeses take very little time to create and are ready to taste within days. Impress your friends at get-togethers or dinner parties. Homemade cheeses make very special gifts. Your friends will be amazed at what you are able to produce, even if you are a beginner! And making your own cheese saves you money. It's an exciting and rewarding hobby. Each cheese has special techniques or cultures which make it unique. Different cheeses have different skills required. There is nothing more satisfying than cutting into your first creamy brie cheese after four weeks of special maturing and nurturing! Whether you have been making cheese for a while or have no experience at all, Mad Millie will provide you with the guidance and equipment to progress your skills.